Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule

This Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule (“Schedule”) is part of the Operating Agreement that governs your participation in the, Inc. Associates Program. This Schedule describes the advertising fee rates you may earn as a participant in the Program. It also describes the limitations that apply to earning advertising fees on certain Products. From time to time, we may modify this Schedule in accordance with the Operating Agreement. All capitalized terms used below that are not defined on this page have the meanings given to them in the Operating Agreement.

During each calendar month, you may earn advertising fees for Qualifying Purchases. Most advertising fees are calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenues based on the tables below and are subject to the limitations described in the “Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products” section below. We also may offer advertising fees in the form of bounties or other special offers as described in the “Special Offers and Promotions” section below. “Qualifying Revenues” mean amounts we receive from customers’ Qualifying Purchases, excluding shipping, handling, and gift-wrapping fees, taxes, and service charges, and less any rebates, credit card processing fees, returns, and bad debt.

The Program’s standard advertising fee structure is described in Tables 1 and 2 below. The advertising fee rates you may earn will vary depending on the number and category of Products that are shipped, streamed, or downloaded (as applicable) in a given calendar month that constitute Qualifying Purchases. We will determine the classification of Products in each category set forth in Table 1 below or otherwise described on this page.

TABLE 1 – Fixed Advertising Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories

Referral Rates


TABLE 2 – Volume-Based Advertising Fee Rates for General Products*

Referral Rates
* “General Products” are any Products other than those for which we pay a fixed advertising fee rate as described in Table 1.

** For purposes of calculating the number of Products shipped or downloaded in a given month, we will include Products included in categories in Table 1, except gift certificates redeemable on the Amazon Site and any Products expressly excluded in accordance with the “Special Offers and Promotions” section below or otherwise under the Operating Agreement.

Example Calculation of Advertising Fees

The following example demonstrates how advertising fee rate calculations work under Tables 1 and 2. If, in a given month, 15 General Products, 14 Electronics Products, and 2 Amazon Site gift certificate Products were shipped as a result of orders placed by customers during Sessions initiated through Special Links on your site, then the total number of Products would be 31. The volume-based advertising fee rate for a monthly volume of 9-30 Products would be used to determine your advertising fee rate for General Products because the 2 gift certificate Product units are not included in calculating the applicable advertising fee tier in Table 2. In this example, an advertising fee rate of 6.50% would apply to Qualifying Revenues from the 15 General Products, an advertising fee rate of 4.00% would apply to Qualifying Revenues from the 14 Electronics Products, and an advertising fee rate of 6.00% would apply to Qualifying Revenues from the 2 gift certificate Products.

Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products

Notwithstanding the advertising fee rates described on this page, advertising fees for all Qualifying Purchases of Products that are personal computers (including without limitation desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and netbooks and related accessories) are limited to a maximum of $25 per personal computer, regardless of the Qualifying Revenues received from the sale of that Product.

Special Offers and Promotions

From time to time, we may run special or limited time offers or promotions under which you may earn advertising fees on Products or categories of Products that were previously excluded from earning advertising fees, or you may earn increased advertising fee rates from those set forth above. We may notify you about special offers or promotions by updating this page or through emails, blog posts, or other means.

The following special offers and promotions are currently available to all Associates:

  • Amazon Bounty Events.

    You will earn the bounty specified in the table below for each Bounty Event. A “Bounty Event” occurs when an eligible customer during a single Session clicks on a Special Link to the homepage for the bounty-eligible program described below and successfully completes the bounty action, including any required email validation. Amazon will determine in its sole discretion, in each case, whether a Bounty Event has occurred. For the avoidance of doubt, you and your friends, relatives, associates, or employees are not eligible customers. Special Links to the bounty-eligible program homepages listed below are permitted in connection with this bounty, notwithstanding Section 19 of the Associates Program Participation Requirements. Amazon is under no obligation to continue to offer any of the bounty-eligible programs.

    Referral Rates

    A “Bounty-Eligible Purchase” occurs when (1) a customer places an order for a Product eligible for a bounty, (2) that Product is shipped to (or streamed or downloaded by), and paid for by, the customer, and (3) that Product order is not canceled or returned. For clarity, Bounty-Eligible Purchases are not Qualifying Purchases.

    Without limiting any other reasons for which we may withhold advertising fees under this Operating Agreement, we will have no obligation to pay you advertising fees, including the bounties described herein, for Bounty Events that we determine in our sole discretion to be fraudulent (e.g., registrations made using invalid email addresses, use of bots or automated software, multiple Bounty Events by a single person, repetitive Bounty Events, Bounty Events from your IP address, Bounty Events that do not result from Special Links on your site, or Bounty Events that result from Prohibited Search Placements, etc.). For purposes of the Operating Agreement, Bounty Events are treated as “Digital Products.”

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