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Prepare For Shopping Events

Prepare for Shopping Events

Amazon Shopping Events such as Cyber Monday Week, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday sales are very popular events, offering bargains and offers at greatly reduced prices for a limited time. All these events have constantly changing offers and a wide selection of new, reduced bargains every five minutes. Customers can choose to search spontaneously in current offers or search for special bargains in specific categories.

As an Amazon Associate and operator of a website or blog, you have the opportunity to participate in the shopping events and increase your income by directing your audience to exciting offers. In this article, we cover how to prepare your website or blog for an Amazon shopping event in order to attract as many visitors as possible to your website, both before and during the event.

Why Prepare In Advance?

An Amazon shopping event such as Prime Day or Cyber Monday Week is not only limited in time, but the event is only announced a few days before it begins, and doesn’t take place on any fixed date. If you prepare your website only on the day of the announcement for the relevant event, place a banner and use other Amazon Associates tools, you won’t have given yourself enough of a run-up to get a good ranking in search results.

Therefore, for smaller blogs and websites without high constant traffic rates, it’s important to make early preparations. You need a platform that works well, which make sit easy for your audience to take advantage of current bargains and promotions, and to take advantage of shopping events such as Cyber Monday Week and Prime Day.

How To Prepare Your Website

For a web page or a blog, it’s helpful to create new content which deals exclusively with offers, promotions and current bargains. Depending on which topics your website is about, it makes sense to analyze the search volume of the keyword terms you’re going to feature in advance.

For a coffee-machine web page, an example of a keyword term might be ‘coffee machine deals’. You’ll need to ensure in advance that the terms you’re going to feature on your subpage page have sufficient search volume. For new content you should also point out that visitors will find regularly updated coffee-machine offers, bargains and promotions.

Bear in mind, you’ll need to maintain your page and regularly remove any expired offers. As a further option, you can optimize new contnet for a specific shopping event. So, for example, by using only the keyword term ‘Amazon Prime Day Coffee Machine’, a subpage created will only be relevant for offers on coffee machines during the Amazon Prime Day.

If the next Amazon Prime Day is coming, you can link to that existing content in your site bar and at the end of the Prime Day, remove the link again. The content itself should always remain online, since you want to get a good ranking at the next Amazon Prime Day.

How Do I Advertise An Amazon Shopping Event?

Associates Central has numerous advertising tools to promote Amazon Shopping Events, under the menu item ‘Product Linking’. Among the strongest options here are banners, which you can implement in advance, preferably on traffic-strong sides.

Review other available products and tools, such as SiteStripe, to help create compelling ad units for your website.
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