Amazon Web Services: Integrating with the Amazon Platform

Associate tools within the Build Links section of Associates Central are helpful if you want to build Amazon links quickly and easily. But if you would like to integrate our features and content more deeply into your Web site, you may want to try the Amazon Associates Web Services.
Amazon Associates Web Services is our API, or application program interface. An API is a set of building blocks made up of routines, protocols, and tools that govern how users interface with the service. Amazon Associates Web Services offers applications that range from retrieving information about a set of products and adding an item to a shopping cart to checking on the status of a transaction. You can access Amazon Web Services through a REST (also called "XML over HTTP" or "XML/HTTP") or a SOAP interface. Both of these methods return structured data (product name, manufacturer, price, etc.) about top-selling products at based on parameters such as keyword search terms and browse nodes.

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