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Make a slideshow of your favorite books, show your Wish List or promote your favourite products. Widgets are easily configurable features for your page that allow your viewers to see Amazon content without leaving your website or blog. Handpick your favorite Amazon products, showcase bestsellers or allow us to auto-select products that are relevant to your readers. Build your own customised Amazon Widget in as little as one minute.

Slideshow Widget


Make elegant slideshow widgets out of images chosen from products across the entire Amazon catalog - CD cover art, DVD's, books, anything! Learn more.

My Favourites

My Favourites

Express yourself by recommending and commenting on products from Let everyone know how you feel and what you like! Learn more.

Wish List Widget

Wish List Widget

Show your Amazon Wish List in a widget and let everyone know what you like. Or show your friend or relatives Wish List to help plan a special occasion. Learn more.

All these and more are available from our Widget Gallery


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