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Amazon.ca Qualifying Product A product that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon.ca or fulfilled on behalf of Amazon and that, according to the terms of the Operating Agreement, qualifies for a referral fee.

Advertising Fee Rate The percentage of shipped items revenue that you earn for referring sales, prior to the addition of any premiums.

Advertising Fees The sum of base advertising fees and premium fees generated from the sale of products at Amazon.ca.

Amazon.ca Item An item that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon.ca, not by one of our third-party merchants.
ASIN Short for "Amazon.ca Standard Item Number." Every item in our catalog has a unique ASIN. (Books' ASINs are the same as their ISBNs.) You can find items' ASINs on their product pages under Product Details, along with other information like sales rank and release date.
Associates Central This Web site. Associates Central offers you a multitude of services, including report- and link-generation tools, a graphics library, and marketing tips.
Associates ID: An automatically generated, unique ID that is used to identify your Associates account.

Basic Display Product Link: A link to a specific item that is hosted by the Associate. Associates may download an image or use the text description of the product. Most Basic Display Product Links send visitors to a page with product information. A Basic Display Third-Party Link sends visitors to the product's offer listing page, which includes all new and used items offered by individual sellers.

Clicks The number of clicks visitors have made on your Associates links.

Click-through Rate The number of clicks on your links divided by the number of impressions, expressed as a percentage. For example, if your links got 50 clicks for 1000 impressions, your click-through rate would be 50/1000 = 0.05, or 5%. Click-through rate can be used to judge how effective an Amazon link is at generating traffic.

Conversion The number of items shipped divided by the number of clicks on your links, expressed as a percentage. For example, if your links got 200 clicks and those referrals generated 18 shipped items, your conversion would be 18/200=0.09, or 9%.
CSV (Comma Separated Values) A tabular data format in which you can download your reports. The various values are separated by tabs in the resulting text file.
Daily Trends Report A report that displays your daily click total, ordered items total, and conversion, allowing you to quickly judge how your Web site is performing.
Direct Link A link that takes a visitor from your Web site to the Amazon.ca detail page of a product you've specifically chosen. Direct links include Product Links, add-to-cart links, and links constructed using Amazon Web Services. Links that are not considered direct include those to the Amazon.ca home page, to search-result pages, to product category pages (e.g. Gourmet Food), and to lists (e.g., Top Sellers). Also excluded are automatically generated Recommended Product Links.
Direct Link Clicks The number of clicks visitors have made on direct links to specific products you've chosen.
Direct Link Conversion An indication of how frequently visitors click on direct links and then order the featured products, calculated by dividing the number of featured items ordered by the number of direct-link clicks and expressed as a percentage. For example, if a visitor clicks on one of your direct links to a camcorder and then orders it, your Direct Link Conversion is 100%. If a second visitor were to click on the camcorder link but order a watch instead, your conversion would drop to 50% (1 item ordered/2 direct-link clicks).
Earnings Referral fees earned on completed sales, including premiums.
Earnings Reports Reports that show how much you have earned in referral fees over a given period of time. Figures are based on items paid for and shipped.
Earnings Summary A quarter-to-date total of items shipped, completed sales, and earnings. Figures are based on items paid for and shipped.
Effective Referral Fee Rate Your base referral fee rate plus the effect of any premiums.
Enhanced Display Product Link: A link to a specific item that is served by Amazon.ca and includes the product image, title, best price, new price, and a button so that customers can add the item to their shopping carts.

Favorite Destinations A text link that takes a visitor from your Web site to specific featured pages at Amazon.ca, such as Top Sellers, help, and various category pages.

Fee Structures Associates are enrolled into Performance Fee Structure by default.
Home Page Link A link that takes a visitor from your Web site to the Amazon.ca home page.

Impressions The number of times your Amazon links are viewed. We are only able to count impressions for certain link types.

Items Ordered The number of items ordered at Amazon.ca through your Associates links. This is not necessarily equivalent to Items Shipped. In fact, Items Ordered will often exceed Items Shipped, because some orders end up getting canceled before shipment.
Items Shipped The number of items ordered at Amazon.ca through your Associates links that have been shipped to customers. An item's referral fee is only credited to your Associates account after the item has shipped.
Link Type We offer numerous ways for you to link from your site to Amazon.ca. A brief description of each link type is written below. Visit the Build Links section for more information on the different linking methods we offer.
  • Product Links: Links to detail pages of individual products offered by Amazon or one of our third-party sellers.
  • Recommended Products Links: Links that are updated every time your Web page loads with new content that matches a product category or keyword you've chosen.
  • Search Box Links: Links in which users can enter search terms and get Amazon.ca results.
  • Banner Links: These are links that send customers directly to the Amazon.ca Home Page, an Amazon.ca product category, or feature a special promotional message. Easy Links, which are dynamically updated links, and Home Page links are included in this category.
  • Text Links: Any link that redirects customers to specific pages on Amazon.ca, such as "Favorite Destinations" and "Link to Any Page" links.
  • Web Services Links: These include individual product links that make SOAP and HTTP requests; Add-to-Cart buttons that allow visitors to add products to their shopping carts; and, Remote Shopping Cart links that allow visitors to maintain a shopping cart on your site and then transfer to Amazon.ca when they are ready for checkout. Visit our Web Services Applications pages for more information on this powerful linking method.
Link-Type Reports Reports that show you the performance of the different link types used on your Web site, in terms of clicks, items ordered, items shipped, conversion, and referral fees.
New Customer An Amazon.ca customer who, during the checkout process, enters an e-mail address and password not previously registered with Amazon.ca and then pays for and receives a shipment.
Offer Listing Page A product page that lists all the third-party vendors that offer the product and the price each one is charging. If Amazon offers the product itself, it will be included in the list as well. These pages include both new and used products and allow customers to quickly make price comparisons.
Orders Reports Reports that show the items your visitors have ordered and the link types that have worked best. Figures are based on items ordered but not necessarily shipped.

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