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How to Use the Global Summary Report

What do Global Reports look like? This page has two parts, a summary view of your global earnings which is a total of earnings across all stores that you have mapped for OneLink and a per country summary of the earnings across all stores in that country. When you load this page for the first time, you will see the global earnings summary on the left of the screen in the default currency for the portal (for example, this will show in USD in the US portal) and each country's summary on the right will show in the default currency for that country (for example, the UK earnings would show in GBP). If you prefer to view this information in a different currency, you can select your preferred display currency from the drop down and all earnings information on the Global Reports will be refreshed in your selected currency. The next time you log in, we will remember your display preferences.
Associates Programme Global Reporting Help 1

I'm on the Global Reporting page, and I want to look at a specific country's report. How do I do that? You can click on any country's "tile" to view that country's reports, without ever needing to leave the portal you are on. From the detailed country view you can also click back to the global reports page.

Associates Programme Global Reporting Help 2

How do I link Associates IDs? If you are an existing OneLink customer, you don’t need to do anything, we will automatically show you the summary of your earnings across all linked stores on this page. If you want to sign up for OneLink and link your Associates IDs, log into the US Associate Central, click the "Tools" menu and then select "Link My Stores". 

Associates Programme Global Reporting Help 3

I have selected my display currency as USD, does this mean I will receive payments in USD for all my Associate IDs? No, the display currency is only a convenience service offered to you so you don’t have to manually convert all the different currencies. You will still receive payments as you do today.

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