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Boost earnings and extend your efforts with evergreen content
Evergreen content—pieces that are timeless, useful, and detailed—provides increased and ongoing value to your site, brand, and associate earning ability. It's worth taking the time to produce content that will last.

Follow these tips to develop content that generates traffic; builds authority for your website; spawns new leads, link clicks, and shares—and gives your website a serious SEO boost.

1. Identify evergreen content that’s relevant to your audience

The kind of content best for evergreening are product reviews, guides, explainers, lists, how-tos, and FAQs: the really meaty, exceptionally informative and useful resources that users return to again and again. While you're busy building new content, your evergreen articles continue generating traffic, driving referrals, and achieving sales.

2. Pick your topic and format

Identify the resources your audience needs but doesn’t have and which of those you are able to create. How do you know what your community needs? Think about the always-hot topics that regularly come up. What do people seem to be interested in or have questions about, year after year? It’s okay if these feel like big, broad topics—you’re not doing the everyday blog post here. You can and should tackle complex concepts.

Once you know your topic, decide on the format that will best help you convey it. Will it be an informative guide? An instructional how-to? An original piece of research? From there, try to approach the subject with full explanations and straightforward language. This should be an "everything you need to know"–style piece, so be sure to cover it all.

3. Optimize for earnings

Evergreen pieces are awesome affiliate opportunities, so make sure to include links. Look for good places to add product recommendations and banners.

If you're part of the Influencer program, make use of your Amazon storefront and Idea List URLs. You can update your storefront and Idea Lists anytime, so this makes it easy to update the products you're linking to without having to go back and edit your post or your links.

4. Promote it

Give your evergreen content visibility on your site by creating a Resources page, Start Here page, or Top Posts page, and showcase links to all of your evergreen articles. Build social media campaigns around them by sharing good-to-know tidbits with a link to the full piece.

When it comes to SEO for evergreen content, you don’t need to do anything radically different than what you’d do for any other content. Just make sure you've done your keyword research for your target market and include the keywords you're targeting.

5. Keep it fresh

Evergreens still need to be watered, so plan on periodic tending. Twice a year, review your content for any outdated examples, references, and major points of the piece and update as needed. Think about anything left out of your piece that has now become relevant and add it in.

Then turn your attention to your links. Are they all still leading to the right places? Do you have newer or more relevant products or special offers you could drive traffic to? Go through the same process for your associate links. Do they need an update?

Give it a try

Evergreen pieces will likely take more time and effort to create than some of your other content, but the potential payoff in traffic and earnings makes them worth the investment.
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