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Associates Operating Agreement - What's Changed

We will make the following updates to the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement and Program Policies effective October 1, 2021:

  • We have added “private messages on social media networks” as not being allowed for posting Special Links, Program Content, or for any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities on behalf of Amazon.
  • We have revised the language in Section 5 of the Participation Requirements to clarify that Program Content and Special Links should not be used in connection with client-side software applications, television set-top boxes or internet enabled television.
  • We have revised the language in Section 7 of the Trademark Guidelines to clarify that it applies to the use of third party logos.
  • We updated the Amazon Influencer Policy with the following changes:
    • Changed the term “Consent” to “Use of Influencer Marks”.
    • Revised the language in the Termination section to clarify the effect of termination on Influencer Marks.
  • We have made the Operating Agreement and Program Policies available in French. In the event of any conflict among translations, the English version will control.
  • We have added Amazon Kids+ Free Trial as a new Bounty Event.