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Associates Operating Agreement – What’s Changed

Here are some of the most important updates:

We are aligning our Mexico, Australia, and China agreements to our U.S., Canada, and EU agreements so that they’re substantially similar. For Canada, this includes the following standardizing changes:

  • We clarified the language around export and re-export warranties
  • We updated the term and termination clauses to contemplate suspension and termination for deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity
  • We added that Amazon or its nominee may take legal action and perform procedural acts on behalf of any Amazon party
  • We updated the definition of digital products
  • We clarified that qualifying revenue is less any credits, as this may vary by country
  • We limited fees in relation to free ebooks
  • We updated the payment section to provide that if an associate does not select or maintain valid information for a payment option, Amazon may pay through another payment option or hold earned fees

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